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寬荷生技顧問有限公司 Herpaholic co., ltd 是位於台灣的兩棲爬蟲繁殖與進出口業者,專業從事於兩棲爬蟲類的基因選育。自2001年即開始培養繁殖玉米蛇與王蛇等小型蛇類的經驗,之後為了自身愛好以及因應市場,調整為各式角蛙、大型蟒蚺蛇與巨蜥的繁殖與飼育,累積至今,已有相當豐富的經驗與成果。目前專注於變異南美角蛙、球蟒、紅尾蚺、緬甸蟒與網紋蟒等等的基因選育繁殖,多年來我們一直持續熱血地建造這個夢幻般的爬蟲園地。  一直以來,我們積極參與相關的兩棲爬蟲展售會以及推廣教育活動,由於這些特殊的兩棲爬蟲觀賞寵物在民眾生活中是珍貴的活教材,非常高興在各地獲得佳評,也愈加肯定我們在這行業中的努力。在南美角蛙繁殖技術方面,我們已掌握南美角蛙商業大量繁殖的技術,近兩年在台灣及大陸都有輔導廠商技術移轉加入市場,藉以達成策略聯盟的目標。  


自2014年起,除了自歐美日等等國家進口兩棲爬蟲類批發台灣市場外,同時也精進內部飼養繁殖技術而進一步擴大產量,創造外銷出口的機會,目前已經有出口配合過的國家有香港、大陸、馬來西亞、韓國以及杜拜。未來,我們希望能夠逐步開拓市場,能夠將 Herpaholic 最優質的兩棲爬蟲類銷售至全球的玩家手中,這將是我們最榮耀的驕傲!






 希望您會喜歡 爬蟲瘋。 Herpaholic 的專業

 爬蟲玩家 Archi Wang

Herpaholic Co., Ltd.

      Herpaholic Co., Ltd. is an Import-Export trading company specializes in gene breeding of reptiles in Taiwan. We had snake species breeding experiences such as Corn snake, King snake and other small snake since 2001. Due to own preferences and in response to market needs we started breeding and rearing various Horned Frogs, Large pythons, Large anaconda snake and Varanus, until now, we have extensive experiences and fine achievements. Currently we are focus on gene breeding and rearing the variant Cranwell’s Horned Frog, ball pythons, red tail boa, Burmese Python and the reticulated python … etc., over the years we continued to build the reptiles fantastic garden with passions.

      All along, we actively participate in the relevant sales exhibition of reptiles and amphibians as well as the promotion of educational activities. Because of these special amphibious reptile pet is precious to watch vivid art in public life. We very pleased to receive good comments in many place , has become even more sure of our efforts in this industry. In Cranwell’s Horned Frog breeding technology, we have mastered business blooms. In the past two years , we have encouraging other company to transfer technology into the market, in order to achieve their goals of strategic alliance in Taiwan and mainland China.

      Since 2014, apart from foreign countries in Europe and America and so on amphibians and reptiles imported wholesale market in Taiwan, but also sophisticated internal breeding techniques to further expand the production and export of export opportunities, there are already exporting countries have cooperated with Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, South Korea and Dubai. The future, we hope to gradually open up the market, the ability to sell the best quality Herpaholic amphibians to reptiles hands of global players, this will be our most glorious pride!

Hope you like our specialty and trust us!

Reptile geek  Archi Wang

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